Oh, hi there.

Welcome to this lovely part of the Internet.  Please, make yourself at home.

Feel free to fix yourself a drink. While you’re doing that, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

I’m a staff writer for The Washington Post.

Formerly, I was an associate editor for Southern Living and a frequent contributor for Mashable and The Week. I’ve also written for Time, Esquire, GQ, The Atlantic, Pacific Standard, The Week, The Washington Post and The Times-Picayune, among others.

I also co-created Or Something, a website dedicated to less frantic writing (that, in a display of how much less frantic it truly is, is on a hiatus).

If you’re looking to speak with me about anything — writing, the New Orleans Saints, various types of bubblegum, the dangers of tripping on cracked sidewalk pavement, the band Pavement, the desire to hire me or anything else — feel free to call or email, both on the Contact page.

For a look at some of my work, check out the Writing page.

I look forward to hearing from you. You’re funny and smart and beautiful. Etc.


Travis M. Andrews